High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

Blood pressure refers to the measured pressure in the circulatory system. The latter consists of arterial blood “pumped” by the heart delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the organs and tissues, and venous blood which returns “used” blood back to the lungs to release carbon dioxide and receive oxygen. The kidneys filter materials and salts, mainly sodium. This heart-lung­kidney mechanism must be kept in good working order to maintain health. Diet and exercise are of utmost importance in the prevention of heart, lung and kidney disease. It does not take our modern medicine to tell us this. Hahnemann, the founder of modern homeopathic medicine, wrote at length on the absolute importance of diet in the prevention of chronic disease

Treating blood pressure homeopathically
Having advised on diet and exercise (where appropriate) plus relaxation techniques, the homeopathic prescription is best found when tailored to the individual constitutional make up of a person. The commonest medicine I have used is Sulphur. These are the warm-blooded people often loving clubs, pubs and parties. They are very personable and “make an entry” socially. They have good appetites, often like alcohol, are thirsty, liking long drinks eg cold beer. Despite being out late perhaps carousing, they waken bright and early and are often out again and on the go. They can be very untidy and not always charming to live with.

When Lachesis is indicated and prescribed it works very quickly. When kidneys are involved the diastolic is often raised more than a systolic reading. Lycopodium is almost specific here. It may need repeating at weekly intervals initially then the distance between needing it will begin to widen. When the diastolic figure settles, a truer constitutional picture may present itself eg Arsenicum alb or Causticum. Most patients will need a potency of salt itself (Nat mur 30c) at some stage. As well as unlocking the salt from the tissues it seems to fit a lot of cultural qualities of the people in these islands, for example the natural tendency to “bottle up” when under pressure especially in the middle and older years.