Causes of Obesity

  1. The consumption of more food than is required for producing sufficient energy for the daily activities of the body. The excess products of digestion are accumulated in the tissues as fat;
  2. Obesity is due to nutritional disorder and eating of more fat which is accumulated mostly in the subcutaneous tissues;
  3. Obesity is caused more rapidly when a person avoids physical work and takes more rest and sleep after taking heavy meals during the day;
  4. Obesity is increased flatulent food, i.e. , rice, pulses, potatoes, beans, eggs, fat and fatty food;
  5. In some cases obesity is transferred from parents to their children;
  6. After frequent deliveries and abortions or after surgical operation in the body;
  7. In metabolic deficiency, the breakdown of protein, sugar and fat is poor and as such more part of the digested food is stored in the tissues of the body.

Obesity Homeopathic Treatment
Homoeopathy is very proficient in managing all the symptoms of Obesity(weight Loss)and furthermore plays a vital role in preventing relapse of the condition. Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of physical, emotional, and genetic makeup that individualizes a person. This constitutional approach framing mind and body works at the root-level.

Homeopathic treatment will make you feel like a new person by making you free of OBESITY. Homeopathic treatment is natural, safe, gentle and without side-effects. Another impressive thing about Homeopathy is that people on multiple medications can safely take Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic drugs are non-habit forming and have no addictive characteristics.

There is no miracle cure for obesity, and most reputable weight loss solutions emphasize that diet, exercise and behavioral changes are more important than weight loss medications. Whether you choose natural weight loss or herbal weight loss, you will be required to adhere to a strict, healthy diet and exercise in conjunction with the remedy or herb