Menstrual Problem

Menstrual Problem

As we all know, all women have to go through many milestones in their life. Health-wise and otherwise too! This journey is not that easy, considering the various steps they have to go through their entire life. The reproductive phase of women is considered as one of the healthiest period on all planes. Physically, mentally, and even emotionally, they have their bodily hormones protecting them during this period. This is the period between the onsets of menses to the onset of menopause.

But during this phase also, they may suffer from one or the other problems for which high doses of hormones may be prescribed by conventional medicine. But considering their deep action, many of us worry about the possible side effects due to these hormones. On the contrary, homeopathic treatment enables them to find a balanced menstrual cycle without having undue pressure on any other organ. Let’s see in details which menstrual disorders can be treated with homeopathy-

Late menarche– This is a delayed onset of menstrual cycle. Sometimes in some feeble constitutions, the onset of menses may be delayed due to unknown reasons. Familial traits too may play a role, in which the menstrual cycle may be delayed. If late menses run in family, there is little need to do anything. But if such history is not there and the girl is of weak feeble constitution, our homeopathic medicines can help her acquire her normal periods sooner. But it is advised that it is better to wait till 16th year at least before starting the treatment.

lrregular menses– (Metrorrhagia) – Some girls and women suffer from too late or too early periods. In some, they are regularly irregular and in others, irregularly irregular. It has been seen that in women who have regularly irregular periods, menses are mostly ovulatory but in girls who have irregularly irregular menses for long period of time, one has to rule out anovulatory cycles. Here, you can take help from ovulatory studies to comprehend the exact pattern of menses.

Homeopathic constitutional medicine sets this cycle straight in most case. Certain acute remedies like Senecio aureus, Pulsatilla, etc may be helpful in case of late onset of menses.

Profuse menses– (menorrhagia) – Quite common in elderly women approaching menopause too, occurring in young age as well. The heavy menstrual bleeding may occur in some feeble constitutions and hypertensive patients too. Firstly, thoroughly examining the patient for any high blood pressures or thyroid problems is important. Also, ruling out any psychological problems which are making patient think she is bleeding heavily. The menses may also occur twice or even thrice in the same month (polymenorrhea) and the patient may lose excess blood, leading to anemia.

Scanty menses– In innumerable patients, this is a finding is usually missed. Firstly, in developing countries and rural populations, anemia could be sole cause of scanty menses. Thus, correcting the anemia with aptly chosen homeopathic medicines (and iron supplementations if needed) is essential. But in women with normal hemoglobin and scanty menses, one has to rule out certain problems like polycystic ovarian disease. In most women with PCOD, they have scanty menses that are irregularly placed. Homeopathic constitutional medicine chosen depending upon the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics of the patient helps her alleviate her all menstrual problems and even she can conceive properly without any aid of interventional procedure.

Dysmenorrhea– This painful menses is quite common in teenage girls. Often told that once they conceive and deliver a child, the pain be gone. No doubt, that is true but we do what we can to ensure they don’t suffer till then. Efficient homeopathic remedies are available that treat dysmenorrhea mildly. The medicines are chosen depending upon the type of dysmenorrhea too (congestive or spasmodic), type of pain, the modalities by which the girl/s feels better or gets worse. Certain characteristic symptoms help in pointing to the perfect remedy.